Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets Snow & Ice Melter, 50 Lbs

- Snow and ice melter.-Calcium chloride pellets.-Fast-acting moisture-attracting formula.-Exothermic.-Effective down to -25° F.-Odorless

- Calcium chloride pellets attract moisture from the air, ensuring fast-acting performance

- Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets Snow & Ice Melter, 50 Lbs

- Less Harmful to Turf Grasses than normal Salts.

Quality - Best
50Lbs Bag Price - $24.99

ComboTherm Calcium Chloride Pellets Snow & Ice Melter, 50 Lbs

- contains the highest percentage of calcium chloride of any blend on the market – at least 70%.

- generates heat as it works, melting snow and ice faster than other blended deicers.

- Is a better ice-melt material and a better value than blends composed mostly of rock salt, which are less effective when temperatures fall below 20°F (-7°C) (ComboTherm™ keeps working to -25°F [-32°C]).

- is a unique "processed blend" that combines its deicing power into a single chip.

- contains a green performance indicator – as the snow and ice melt, the color fades showing how
quickly ComboTherm™ works .

- is an economical alternative to premium ice melters.

Quality - Better
50Lbs Bag Price - $20.00

ThawMaster Calcium Chloride Pellets Snow & Ice Melter, 50 Lbs

THAW MASTER from EC Grow offers a fast, sustaining melting action due to three high-powered raw materials that combine to quickly generate heat & draw moisture from the air, which ensures a speedy thaw even at temperatures as low as -5° Fahrenheit. Bright green color makes spreading & placement easier because you can see exactly where product is scattering.

Quality - Best Value
50Lbs Bag Price - $16.00

Ice Patrol® Rock Salt, 50Lbs

This highly effective and economical rock salt is optimally sized for maximum performance. Smaller crystals melt on contact, while larger crystals provide longevity and instant traction. Flows freely through commercial spreaders.

Quality - Good
50Lbs Bag Price - $10.00

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